Civil service mileage and subsistence rates


Employees' motor expenses rates from 1 April 2017

The updated motor travel rates that take effect from 1 April 2017 are shown below:


 Distance Bands
capacity up
to 1200cc
1201cc to 1500cc
1501cc and over
 Band 1  0 - 1,500 km  37.95 cent  39.86 cent  44.79 cent
 Band 2  1,501 - 5,500 km  70.00 cent  73.21 cent  83.53 cent
 Band 3  5,501 - 25,000 km  27.55 cent  29.03 cent  32.21 cent
 Band 4  25,001 km and over  21.36 cent  22.23 cent  25.85 cent

In addition, the updated subsistence rates are as follows:

 Overnight rates
 Normal rate  Reduced rate Detention rate
 €147.00  €132.30  €73.50
Day rates 
 10 hours or more  5 hours but less than 10 hours
 €39.08  €16.29

Vouched Accommodation ("VA") Domestic Subsistence Rates (for use in Dublin only)

 Accommodation  Meals
 Vouched cost of accommodation up to €147.00  Plus €39.08

Employees' motor expenses up to 31 March 2017
The following is a link to the current Civil Service kilometric rates for cars, motorcycles and bicycles for individuals who are obliged to use their car, motorcycle or bicycle in the performance of the duties of their employment:

Employees' subsistence expenses up to 31 March 2017
This is a further link which deals with the reimbursement of subsistence expenses to employees:

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